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Waterfalls Summer Day:

Tour in Rincon de la Vieja

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Duration: Over half day. Description:

Visiting a waterfall is on almost every traveler’s wish list. Guanacaste region is known to be more flat and dry, not exactly ideal conditions for  a waterfall, finding one of these magnificent cascades can be difficult. Luckily though, there are some spectacular waterfalls hidden away.

Our first stop will be held at  Llanos de Cortes Waterfall: Once you reach the bottom of  the trail, you’ll see why it is considered to be one of  Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls. The falls are wide and wispy, with thin streams of water tumbling along the mossy rocks. Rocky cliffs are visible through the transparent cascade. To add to the grandeur, thick forest surrounds the falls with many birds and sometimes even monkeys billowing from the trees. The place is administered by the local village and proceeds help fund the local primary school. We will continue down the dirt road about 300m to the parking area to reach this spectacular 20m-high, 15m-wide waterfall. The falls drops into a tranquil pond with     a white sandy beach, that’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Go ‘backstage’ and relax on the rocks behind the waterfall curtain, or shower beneath the lukewarm  waters.

After this relaxation time we will head our way to La Ponderosa Preserve, where –after bathrooms and lockers – we will enjoy a short tractor   ride thru the dry-humid forest until reaching our next waterfall: La Vieja Waterfall, with a high of approximately 20 meters, it is definitely a spot for that picture you were looking for. There is a bridge-look out around it where we can stand for some time and admire it.

We leave behind La Vieja, and we aboard our 4×4 again for a very short drive to our next and last waterfall: La Perla, with a little bit more than     6 meters high, La Perla waterfall is an oasis, and a refreshing dose for the ones who visit it and want to get rid of the pretty hot Liberian summer. But is not only it height (challenged for a few ones that jump from the top of La Perla) what gets the attention of the public: around the waterfall you can perceive sand, thing that brings a sensation of beach. That’s why the idea of an oasis gets bigger and bigger. Relax at the sand, take  some tanning, swim for a bit and waste your energies in there, because there is a delicious lunch waiting for us after this funny and refreshing outing.


What to bring: Strap sandals, mosquito repellent, sun block, hat, sun glasses, swimming suit, extra clothing.

We include: Water bottle, lunch, bilingual guide, entrance fees and   transportation.

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