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A journey through “Tico” idiosyncrasy and the grand opening of the blog in

We welcome you all to the blog section which we open today inside our website. From now on we will be posting constant news related to a subject that awakens deep feelings of passion in us, our beloved Costa Rica.

What you can expect from this blog section is a series of articles, quality photographs, videos, among other multimedia resources that we will be using to highlight the benefits this beautiful land has. We will also keep you updated with the latest information and other practical pointers that will be useful for any type of tourist that has plans to travel or to get settled in our country.

Here you will find the best touristic recommendations, plus information related to historical sites to visit, their location, history and more. The subjects we will talk about will be diverse, but always with the same main topic, that is, Costa Rica. To begin with, we will mention some of the most popular attractions our country has to offer, we´re talking about the ecological tours in conservation areas that are available for tourists and locals. Did you know that costa Rica is one of the countries with most species per square mile, and that approximately 4% of the world´s biodiversity is in here?

These figures are special indeed and those involved in the ecotourism scene or ecology aficionados acknowledge this in different media and forms. This diversity can be seen in butterflies (there are hundreds of known species) and in birds (more than 800 species). This diversity is due in a large part to the country´s climatic variability. Costa Rica has 12 different climatic zones and good conditions for life to grow beautifully.

Our country also has many volcanoes and mountainous areas. In fact, in Central America there is a mountain range, The Central American mountain range, also called the Central American Andes, which divides the country in two, with the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west.

Another one of the main features that attract tourists to our county is our people and our culture. Did you know that Costa Rica is considered one of the most beautiful places to visit? Costa Ricans or “Ticos” are known to be kind, gentle and affectionate people. One curious fact is that the name “Tico” came up when indigenous communities from our country said, “we are all hermaniticos” or little brothers.

As in many other Latin American countries, religion is a big part of life in Costa Rica, also, family is paramount for every Tico. The latter could be seen as conservative traditions, many of which were inherited centuries ago.

It´s definitely worth clarifying that we know that each individual is a whole complex being by itself, and that we have talked only about statistics. Nevertheless, what is certain is that through our blog posts you will be able to have a better understanding of what life in Costa Rica is all about.

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